Corella Corella Internacional had its beginning as Corella Customs Broker in Nogales, Sonora since 1945, a time when international trade in Mexico was not easy. Years of working in this environment have given us the experience, the infrastructure, and the tools necessary to handle all of our customs operations in a fast and efficient manner. As a result of almost 60 years of experience, we are able to offer exceptional service to all our customers. We focus on your individual needs and pay special attention to the needs of your operations. We specialize in all customs services including:

  • Customs Broker in Mexico for all your Import and Export needs.
  • International Trade consulting with specialized knowledge in Mexican Customs Law and Tax Regulations.
  • Offices in the U.S. for warehousing, transshipments and documentation formalities.
  • Freight services.

We also have offices in Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate.

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